SAD Lamps Buying Guide

How To Choose The Best SAD Lamps

sad lampsIt is essential to choose the most compatible SAD lamps or bright lights to cure seasonal affective disorder. Such lamps have proven to successfully treat more than half the population of SAD victims. There are various sorts of seasonal affective disorder lamps or bright lamps starting from the difference on lumens emitted, portability range, physical appearance and added or optional features.

Because of these variables about bright lamps, prices vary as well which may also depend on the popularity, quality and reliability provided by its different makers. However, since it is advised to only purchase bright lights as prescribed by doctor, its popularity and price shall always depend on a particular bracket of the severity of each seasonal affective disorder case.

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Things To Check Before Buying SAD Lamps

There are five things to know on considering the purchase of bright lights. First, it is important to verify with your doctor if your seasonal affective disorder requires bright light treatment. Not all cases of seasonal affective disorder might need use of bright light treatment because some others would only require psychotherapy for cure. Second, know how often or long you will be required to use bright light. For severe cases, exposure to bright light could be longer than the usual thirty to sixty minutes.

Third, verify with your doctor if you have high sensitivity or skin allergies to more than 5,000 lux of full spectrum light. This way, your doctor will be able to adjust the prescription for your exposure to bright light on treating your seasonal affective disorder. Fourth, let your doctor know how much budget you can allocate for bright light to ensure that all possible best bright lights could be in your prescription list. Fifth, review your lifestyle and compare it with your bright light treatment prescription.

Choosing bright light entirely depends on your case. Choosing a wrong light may reverse your condition to Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder which is still a treat to having bipolar disorder. The advancement of the curing percentage is dictated by the correct exposure to the SAD lamps. Though even if correct exposure is observed if the lumen capacity is less than what is required, seasonal affective disorder then is not corrected.

Prescribed bright light in standard should at least emit 10,000 lux of full spectrum light. Though there are some exceptions that lower than 10,000 lux is prescribed for non severe type of seasonal affective disorder, then farther distance on exposure to bright light should be observed.

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Treating seasonal affective disorder promotes its victim to go back to his normal life. Bright light exposure is usually prescribed about thirty to sixty minutes on a daily basis for seven days or more during waking up hours. But since not everyone is able to spare such time in the morning, portable bright lights are made available so that the seasonal affective disorder victim may bring and use the bright light to his workplace or to any place as part of SAD therapy. In addition to that, for more comfort, stress on guarding the time of exposure is lessen using the timer feature of bright lights.

Color of the available bright lights on the market may be white, green or blue. Some may claim that either green or blue light are better, but the truth is – the lumen capacity and distance prescribed by both doctor and manufacturer should vary. If the manufacturer indicated 10,000 lux of spectrum light on the product while instruction manual says distance of nine inches, then doctor prescription is only distance of six inches – the product might not be compatible to you. But if the doctor prescription is about more than nine inches of distance, then SAD lamps like that are just perfect for you.

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